Youth Events

Activities at Maison du monde

Activities for young people from reception classes between the ages of 11 and 15 were conducted this spring in partnership with the Maison du monde. The group was invited to come together to learn from each other and to express themselves and communicate more easily in French. Visits to the resources of the St-Simon neighbourhood as well as games and conversations on different themes were organized.

Stay tuned for upcoming activities!

A partnership with I’MTL

CANA is a proud partner of this project that gives a voice to local youth. Developed by the Maison des jeunes de Bordeaux-Cartierville, I’MTL is a platform that focuses on education, leadership and community mobilization. In the context of the pandemic, a group of young people from the Ahuntsic-Bordeaux-Cartierville borough have the opportunity to express themselves on what they are experiencing and to create a real community.

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