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You wish to learn French? You speak some French, but wish to improve your level? CANA can help you.

CANA understands that learning French is a key factor in the integration of newcomers who want to settle in Quebec.

We are therefore committed to your integration by offering francization courses.

French is the official language of Quebec. Learning French will help you adapt to your new job and your daily life (grocery shopping, interacting and meeting people, taking part in cultural activities, sports etc.)

In collaboration with the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI), CANA offers free, part-time, in-person French courses. These courses are delivered by MIFI teachers in an educational and fun environment.

Students can receive :

Financial assistance per school day
Reimbursement of childcare fees per school day

CANA provides limited childcare drop-in spaces for children who do not have childcare services.

After passing each level, you receive a MIFI certificate. This document can serve as proof of language proficiency for your permanent residence and/or Canadian citizenship application.

In you have any more questions, please write to

Registrations for Francization

Please note that as of June 1st, registrations for francization are no longer done at CANA. you must complete your registration for the French courses on the web site ‘’Francisation Québec’’:

At the question ‘’Lieu de formation et disponibilité’’, select the administrative region of Montreal, and ‘’lieu de formation’’: CANA Carrefour d’aide aux nouveaux arrivants.

We are available at the office by appointment, to help you complete the online registration :


French learning


Level: beginner

Learn the basics of French!

We offer French learning workshops for people who have no notion of the French language. Our main objective is to familiarize you with the basic concepts of the French language.

By registering in this program, you will benefit from learning simple vocabulary and practicing activities such as :

Conversation workshops


Levels: intermediate and advanced

Would you like to practice French on a regular basis in a friendly and fun environment?

French conversation workshops are free at CANA, they are organized in groups of 10 people who already have an intermediate or advanced level. There are several sessions throughout the year, participation is required for the entire session.

These workshops are an opportunity for people learning the French language to maintain and improve their oral expression and comprehension skills.

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