Intercultural Matching

It’s about adventure and exploring yourself!

You live in Montreal recently and you want to get closer to people living in your new neighborhood? Would you like to get closer to people who have recently arrived and create an exciting duo?

What is intercultural matching?

Intercultural matching is the meeting and establishment of an interpersonal link between a newcomer and a member of the host society or a newcomer family and a member of the host society.*

*Source TCRI, Table de concertation des organismes au service des personnes réfugiées et immigrantes.

Type of matching proposed: between two individuals or between two families.

Intercultural matching does not involve any financial contribution.

Any level of French accepted.

Take the chance to live an enriching human experience!

Why join the adventure?

You have just arrived in Montreal?

Alone or with your family

You will:

  • Discover your new living place
  • Practice the French language

You are a long-time Quebec resident?

Alone or with your family

You will:

  • Support inclusion in your community
  • Help someone with the practice of French

As a duo, you will :

  • Exchange and learn
  • Meet people
  • Get out of your daily routine
  • Discover your culture
  • Open yourself to another culture
  • Share cultural activities

Specifically, at CANA, it is :

  • A six-month commitment
  • Twice a month activities or meetings between the twins
  • Supervision that includes individual follow-ups and activity suggestions
  • A launch day and group activities

How does it work?

1 / Fill out the online form.

2/ The mobilization agent will contact you to schedule a 30-minute meeting with you in order to determine your profile (your needs, interests, etc.) and to ensure the most optimal match for you!

3/ You will participate in a launch day with other program participants. Twins meet twins!

4 /For 6 months, at least twice a month, you will meet your twin or twin family. You will be free to organize the activities that interest you or to follow a schedule of suggestions.

5/ You will be supported by CANA along the way, for a positive experience!


Frédérique Mayer
Mobilization manager
(438) 379-8092

To manifest your interest, please contact us at the address below: