CANA’s challenge is to ensure that every newcomer settles and participates in society, in a way that is conducive to their socio-economic integration and inclusion.
Its driving force is the diversity of its members, who come from multiple and complementary backgrounds and who decide to act together.

Activities carried out between 2022 and 2023.
Participants in activities between 2022 and 2023.

Activities to suit all tastes!

Discussion area

This space invites newly-arrived immigrants and members of the host society to exchange ideas and discuss a range of themes chosen in advance by the sector’s facilitators. As it recurs every Friday morning, this intercultural space is eagerly awaited by participants, as the group has created a bond of trust and a feeling of security.
This year’s themes include :

  • Intercultural communication
  • Dances – traditions and symbolism
  • – Social involvement
  • – Winter pleasures
  • – Francophonie around the world
  • – Feeling safe in the city
  • – Letter to myself in 5 years,
  • – Demystifying the role of the police

Friday morning

Thursday chatty

Discussion circle*

*for immigrant women

Discovery area

Espace découverte is a new concept at CANA. Once a month, someone will come and share an activity, practice or hobby with newcomers to help them discover (and perhaps initiate) new things!
So if you’re an immigrant and you might have something you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to fill in this form:

Cuisines of the World

Cuisines of the World is a culinary activity in which participants share a recipe from their native country. It’s a moment of sharing and exchange around a dish from here and elsewhere, while savouring the delights offered by the participants. It’s also good practice in French culinary terms for those learning the language.

The cuisines discovered this year are Colombian, Peruvian, Lebanese, Haitian, Québécois, Salvadorian and Iranian.

Les cuisines découvertes cette année sont colombienne, péruvienne, libanaise, haïtienne, québécoise, salvadorienne et iranienne.

Memories of our Activities

The Mobilization Team

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