What is the Rassemblons-nous program?

Let’s get together! is the new project of the Family sector. Through it, we hope to create links between young newcomers, their families, the territory, local organizations and the community to facilitate their integration into Quebec.

Plan and organize family activities … and enjoy them together!

5 families will be selected to join the Comité Idéation et Organisation (CIO). The CIO’s mission will be to brainstorm and organize activities for the whole community. These families will be supported in realizing their ideas. They will learn about the resources available in the neighborhood (renting a soccer field, getting to know the various community organizations, etc.) and discover the possibilities throughout Quebec (equipment rental, transportation, where to do winter sports accessible by public transit, etc.).

The project is therefore accessible to families:

Would you like to get involved in organizing a dance class? An outdoor outing? A culinary exchange? A ski course? Now’s the time to get involved with the Rassemblons-nous! project.


What can this project do for me?

You and your family are involved for 10 months … it’s certainly a lot of work … but above all it’s :

How does it work?

CANA will be with you every step of the way, to ensure a positive experience!
If you have any questions, please contact us at famille@canamtl.com.