You need family support? You recently moved to Ahuntsic? You want to understand the school system?

Community Guidance

Intercultural School Community Interventions

Helping immigrant families adapt to and understand a new school and education system as part of their integration process. Our role is to help families communicate with schools, communities and institutional services.

Our interventions with families and their schools are diversified and include: 

For Families:

  • Providing psychosocial support to parents and children
  • Referring them to the community and institutional organizations who can their meet needs
  • Facilitating communication between schools and community or institutional services
  • Promoting integration and participation in school life through intercultural activities
  • Helping them understand the Quebec school system and school culture by offering them appropriate tools 


For Schools:

  • Offering support in classroom issues involving pupils and/or parents from a migrant background
  • Helping schools understand the impact of migration processes and providing tools to deal with associated challenges
  • Facilitating children transition from welcome classes to regular classes

Intercultural Community Workers – Youth

Are you between 14 and 25 years old? Your child is between 14 and 25 years old? You have recently arrived in Quebec?

Our Intercultural Community Workers Youth offer the following services :

  • Active listening: individual meetings to listen to you in order to help you meet your needs and to accompany you in your activities and personal projects (back to school, pursuit of studies, job search, etc.)
  • Needs assessment (health, education, socialization, etc.).
  • Follow-up and accompaniment on a daily basis.
  • Collaboration with family and friends
  • Accompaniment for your immigration procedures, French courses, oath services (etc.) by CANA.
  • Referral to other organizations.
  • Individual and group activities (sports, cultural, artistic, etc.).
  • Activities: to allow you to try new things and meet new people.
  • Information sessions on the issues that youth experience (bullying, sexuality education, use of social networks, rights and laws, etc.)

Partners and Collaborators

Our team also works in partnership with community and institutional organizations to adapt and develop our services for families from the Ahuntsic area.

We are also member of the Table de concertation des organismes au service des personnes réfugiées et immigrantes (TCRI), as well as the Table de Concertation d’Ahuntsic pour la petite enfance (CAPE), member of Table de concertation jeunesse Ahuntsic (TCJA).

We participate in the Ahuntsic Comité de transition 0-5 ans (age 0-5 transition committee) to help parents with their children’s entry to kindergarten.

Family Activities

CANA organizes intercultural family outings and youth activities.

To know about upcoming events dates, see our calendar section.

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